Canoeing / Kayaking
Canoeing ;
                      For those who wish to experience nature at it`s own pace
           there`s nothing like a canoe. Wether it`s a leisurely paddle to
           take advantage of the spectacular scenery and end-less photo
          opportunities or utilized to access one of the many remote area
           lakes and trout ponds a day in a canoe always seems to be a
          memorable experience.
                        With so much water accessable there`s many options
           available. The Onaman River itself is a provincially recognized
            canoe route, affording it environmental protections  and              
            p roviding  routes varying from 1 to 7 days.  Likewise there are
           other rivers and options available in varying degrees of
           difficulty to suite all skill levels.

Kayaking ;
                     Sea Kayaking continues to grow in popularity and
           Lk. Nipigon with-out a doubt provides a perfect venue. Groups
           can either opt to leave directly from the resort or utilize a              
            charter boat and be dropped further out amongst one of the
           many clusters of islands. Campsites can generally be found
           easily , brook trout can be fished along most shoreline and
           the amazing scenery is endless.  Wildlife is abundant with
           otters making regular appearances along the shorelines
           as well as  Woodland Caribou which can be observed often
           swimming between the islands, particularily in this upper N.E.
           corner of the lake.  Song birds inhahit the islands through-out
           the summer as the east side of the lake is a migratory route
           and Bald Eagles , Golden Eagles , Osprey , Loons and
           Pelican`s  are daily sights.
                      For those seeking the ultimate kayaking experience
           sure to be memorable , this is it.