Equipment / Charters
and  Cache Boats
 At Onaman River Resort we take great pride in offering our guest`s
quality , well maintained equipment and related gear .  We utilize Yamaha 15 and
25 hp model outboard motors with Crestliner , Naden and Lund boats ranging in
size from  12 to 16 ft.  Canoes are available in 16 ft fiberglass or 18ft aluminum
and rentals include all the required gear such as saftey kits , life jackets , landing
net , paddle , minnow bucket and anchors upon request.
 Full fish cleaning facilities are available on site at the marina / launch area and
freezer service is available anytime.
 For those requiring assistance or guidance cleaning and packaging fish and             
game the staff  are available any time to help.
In your pursuit for that Trout of a lifetime and the opportunity
to experience all the fantastic scenery Lk.Nipigon has to offer
we offer 2 , 22ft units , fully
outfitted , to keep you safe , dry
and comfortable during a day on
the lake.
 The day is a full 8 hrs.,includes
lunch and begins with a 9 o`clock
a.m. departure from our marina
and is approx. a 4 mi or 15 minute
ride out to humboldt bay on which
it is quite common to see moose ,
caribou , bald and golden eagles ,
river otters and countless
beaver so have your camera ready.
 With over 55 years experience on Lk.Nipigon to draw from and
little angling pressure on the north end of  the lake fishing is
truly amazing. Keeping in mind that fishing is fishing and trout
are trout we generally leave quest`s  wanting to utilize a charter
a window of 2 or 3 days to get out weather permitting.
 Charters may accommodate up to 3 people and Catch and
Release is  encouraged . In the case of damaged or strong
breeding class fish the discression will remain with the Captain.
 Wildlife can regularily be spotted along the shorelines and
it`s not uncommon to see Moose around the islands or Caribou
swimming between clusters of islands.  
The diverse landscape of the canadian
shield from sheer cliff`s to gentle sand
beaches and rich in wildlife , combined
with the unique fishing opportunities
Nipigon offers are sure to create an
unforgetable , memorable day on the
       Cache Boats
For those who wish to move around and fish some different
                                           water each day a conveinient way to do
                                           so is to utilize one of our cache boats
                                           such as Onaman lk.
                                              Each year we locate boats on various
                                           area lakes providing fishing opportunities
                                           on water which is otherwise un-
                                           accessable.  Theese boats are generally a
                                           short walk in and placed on lakes with  no
                                           or little other angling pressure and with-
                                           in a reasonable travel time from the
                                              Likewise there are many area lakes to
choose from should you opt to utilize a boat and motor pkg.
with a trailer or a car-topper.  Wether it`s  some great Walleye
and Northern action your after , Lake trout , or some amazing
Brookies  which can be found in most area creeks , ponds and
some smaller lakes  there`s something to suit the requirements
of most anglers both experienced and novice alike.
   One of our most popular , and without a doubt most
consistently productive day trips for trophy Walleye Action is
Onaman Lk.  About a 20 min. drive [ 23km / 14mi. ] then about
a 15 min. walk in to the boats and generally minimal travel on
the lake to get into some fantastic fishing.
Other opportunities exist in abundance ranging with-in a
short walk from the resort to a drive up the road or  a drive
up a river , the choices limitted only by ones desire.
Rental units come outfitted with all required saftey gear as
well as net`s , paddles , life lackets , anchor and bait bucket`s
on request.  All our equipment and trailers are fitted with
2 inch couplers and hitches are available provided your vehicle
is equipped with a reciever.