When speaking of fishing , wether it be Lk. Nipigon or one of the many area in-land lakes , a couple
of words come to mind,  variety and quality.  With so many fishing opportunities at hand , from trout
on the big water, brookies in most area creeks as well as some smaller in-land waters and walleye
and northern`s in most all area lakes and rivers the possibilities are literally endless.               
Although we are a drive in access resort we are far enough off the highway and any population base
that anglers can expect to rarely if ever have to share thier chosen fishing hole for the day with others.
Wether heading out on lk. nipigon for that trout of a life time , fishing one of the many smaller lakes
, creeks or rivers , our equipment or yours , we offer something to meet the needs of most anglers.
SPECKLED TROUT,or BROOK TROUT as they are more
commonly known are abundant in many area lakes, ponds
and streams as well as lk. nipigon which boasts the world
record caught in 1914 by dr. cook. Generally fished on rocky
shorelines and reefs , catches in the 3 to 7 pound range are
typical and fish are generally active from ice-out right into
late fall when they began to sport their spawning colours
such as the one displayed here [released ]. While they can be
evasive at times , the fight they give is a testament in itself
as to why so many brookie anglers are "die hards", and given
the opportunity would fish for little else.  

LAKE TROUT fishing on Nipigon is amazing. Truly a world
class fishery paralleled by few , catches in the 20lb to 4olb
class are the norm with many fish in the40 lb to upper 50lb
range being caught anually. Fish are active pre ice-out and
remain high in the water until late june. While july can
produce some of the largest fish of the season anglers must
alter their tactics and down-rigging becomes nescessary.
The deep, cold waters of  Nipigon provide for a unique
angling experience and geographically offers  some
remarkable scenery , that classic canadian shield mix of rock
and pine`s  at every turn.  Woodland Caribou can regularily
be observed swimming between islands in this upper N-E
corner of the lake.

NORTHERN PIKE can be fished in most all area lakes
with a few, Lk.Nipigon included , producing some
monsters. The mouth of the onaman river, aprox 3.5mi
downstream of the resort offers some consistent 30 to
upper 40 inch fish and likewise can be fished in the
back bays and mainland shores as the season
progresses and the waters warm. Most area lakes which
contain walleye also have northern`s so finding some
great action is rarely a problem.  

WALLEYE fishing on the Onaman River as with many
area lakes is second to none. Synonomous with Big
Walleye ,  Onaman lk. is the head waters of the river
system on which we are located on it`s path to Lk.
Nipigon via Humboldt bay. Fishing opens late may post
spawn and is fantastic through-out the season. The
river each year gives up some trophies as do many area
lakes and with so many to choose from wether you
drive in , walk in , or utilize one of our cached boats
you can literally fish different water every day and
always have great fishing.