Moose season begins in late
september with an early archery hunt
available pre rifle season which opens
the 2nd week of oct. and runs through
nov. 15th for non resident hunters and
dec. 15th for ontario residents.
  Onaman River Resort is located in
area 19, with 18a beginning 40km/24mi
to the north.  Area populations are up
affording hunters a good success rate
and being 45km off the highway and
well away from any populated areas
means hunters rarely conflict with anothers chosen     
hunt area and are unlikely to be disturbed.
  Moose become active, weather permitting, around
mid september with the rutt, then in their post-rutt
lethargic state will frequent the higher ground
before the cold sets in and they began to be active
again and with the on-set of winter will eventually
herd up in the low lying spruce swamps.
  Prefered methods of hunting are generally to work
the logging cuts or by water, by far the most
productive as this is the moose`s prefered habitat
and at this time of yr. they are after whatever aquatic
vegetation remains as well as the red willow which
can be found along most shoreline. Patience is the
name of the game here.
  From planning your trip, to guide services, meat
preperation/skinning and cooler service we can            
provide your group with the nescessary service and
knowledge to ensure a productive, memorable
 wether  your interest`s  are Birds and small game , Moose or Black Bear ,
rifle or archery Onaman River Resort will work with your group to help put
together a package to suit your needs.  Geographically located in the heart of the         
canadian shield in the vast Boreal forest leading north to the tree line the area
is rich and diverse in it`s wildlife.  
  Game birds such as Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse and Woodcock are abundant
and in the last 10 yrs. Sharptail Grouse have stretched their boundries north and
begin inhabiting high-ground clear cuts once covered in Pines.
  Swampy, low-lying  waterways full of willows and tag alders provide the perfect
habitat for Moose to thrive and with such a sparse human presence wildlife
management units 19 and 18A house some of the healthiest Moose populations
in Northern Ontario. Likewise the immediate area is home to scattered herds
of  Woodland Caribou.
 Black Bear populations have exploded over the past 10 years and with so many           
animals success rates are great and the patient , selective hunter will likely
have the opportunity to harvest an animal in the over 350lb class and with good
berry crops the past few years animals are sporting rich, healthy coats.
 At Onaman River Resort groups can design a package to suit their needs.
It`s not nescessary that all group members be hunters and fishing licences or
other game tags may be added to existing plans.
                                           Black Bear season opens on the 15th
                               of August and runs through to Oct.31st
                                 Due to many contributing factors
                               such as the availability of food, lack of
                               natural predators, the removal of the
                               spring hunt and overall a habitat
                               favorable to their existance Black
                               Bear populations have increased
                               steadily over the past 10 years and an
                               abundance of healthy animals are
                                  Onaman River Resort maintains an
                               exclusive provincial Bear Managment
                               Area of approximately 600 km sq. on
                               which we have located over 50 bait
stations complete with strategically located tree               
stands and nescessary  baits.  Hunters are generally
given 3 stations to utilize in an effort to ensure their
success and further more upon arival will recieve a
package including maps and G.P.S. co-ordinates as
well as a guided orientation of their stations and
surrounding area.
 Skinning service can be provided to ensure you
a quality mount or tan and cooler/freezer service is
  Onaman River Resort offers a limitted number of
hunts each year in an effort to maintain our B.M.A. in
such a fashion as to keep it productive and so hunters
have the freedom to move between stations with-out
  Wether you choose to be in camp or to utilize one of    
our out-post tent camps we can help your group put
together a package that suits your needs.  Add a small
game tag or take advantage of some fantastic fall
fishing opportunities in addition and your sure to
have a memorable experience.
 Small Game and especially birds are a popular choice
of many hunters and are a great way to get out and
enjoy all the fall season has to offer.
   Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse, SharpTails and
Woodcock are all abundant in the area and as game
birds tend to follow cycles producing highs and lows ,
for grouse it`s 7 years, specific populations will fluctuate
accordingly. Likewise june and july can be tell-tale
signs of things to come as a dry spring/early summer
season is generally indicative of a promising fall hunt.
  While Grouse can often be seen roadside where they
fill their gizzards with small gravel to aid in digestion
and may infact often be found in mixed company they
actually prefer somewhat differing habitats as the
Ruffed prefers the high and dry land with poplars and
birch while the Spruce, as it`s name suggest`s prefers
the spruce forest and re-plants and the SharpTails as
they encroach farther north seem to like the high                
ground pine cut overs which are yet to show much
  We offer some great package pricing on hunts and
combined with the great fall fishing at hand your sure
to enjoy. Hunters are welcome to attend with their dogs
providing they attend them RESPONSIBLY.